Daisy Moon Was Born This Way

by Emily Sheehan 


Why fit it in when you’re born to stand out? “Daisy Moon was born this way” is a light-hearted, energetic play that also addresses many darker themes. Playwright Emily Sheehan did an incredible job creating a realistic representation of today’s millennials and wrote such a believable script I occasionally had to remind myself I was still watching a play.

I really loved watching Daisy (Isabelle Ford) grow as a character and explore her differences, and being 14 I found myself relating to some of the things she was going through. I loved the friendship between Daisy and Parker (Ayeesha Ash) and watching them both connect to each other and better each other.

The sibling relationship formed between Daisy and Noah (Andre Drysdale) was so beautiful and genuine with each scene where they interacted being absolutely electrifying.

I loved how not only did Daisy change through out the play but so did Noah, with a mesmerising monologue so excellently written it changed the whole way you viewed his character.

The set did wonders with its simplicity and I loved the different uses of height. The lighting really complimented whatever was going on on stage and was a very polished performance.

I loved the characters interaction with each other and how unique this performance was.

Reviewed by Amelia Gilling, CYT 13-15 Workshop Artist