Technical Theatre Team

Artists aged 15 – 25 years have the opportunity to train as theatre technicians, exploring the principles of lighting, sound design and stage management within a 15 week program. They can trial the different roles in the major works within the annual artistic program.

Advanced Technical Theatre Team

Artists aged 15 – 25 years who have already completed the Technical Theatre Team program at CYT can interview for this program. The Advanced Technical Theatre Team will have the opportunity to extend the skills learnt in their first year, providing greater autonomy and creativity in the technical production of two works within the annual artistic program.

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The Company Ensemble

The Company Ensemble is intended for actors who wish to pursue advanced actor training. Artists develop, strengthen and extend core skills in acting technique, movement, voice, improvisation, script analysis and performance making.

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CYT Audience

CYT Audience is a group of impassioned senior students representing high schools and colleges from across Canberra, who meet regularly to attend an eclectic program of live theatre together.

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Sounding Board

There will be two Sounding Board meetings in 2017 for artists of any age at CYT to discuss their ideas for future theatrical projects amongst a group of like-minded people. Artists can perform examples of work, pitch ideas, read play excerpts, display designs or just come along and listen to other people’s thoughts. This will be a great way to throw around ideas for future work from CYT artists.