17 – 19 OCTOBER 2019

An analysis of the current world we live in and how we would run it if we could be in charge. What mistakes are we currently making? If we don’t change this path, what will our future be? And if we do? What are the possibilities? 

Playwright, Cathy Petocz, will work with four emerging writers aged 13-25 years to teach them skills in writing and guide them in developing a final product. These emerging playwrights will work in creative developments with the 13-18 year old actors cast in this piece, to assist with the development of the script/s. This will then be handed over to the directors, Luke Rogers and Anna Johnstone, who will shape the final product with the cast. 

17 – 19 October 2019
Thurs – Sat 7:30pm

Ralph Wilson Theatre
Gorman Arts Centre
Batman Street, Braddon


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