Faster Auditions

The audition will run in the form of a workshop, you do not need to prepare anything in advance. The hour will be spent working with the co-directors of the work and the Artistic Director of CYT, taking part in ensemble exercises, improvisations, discussion and creative development tasks.

What we are looking for:

  • open-minded performers who are prepared to share their ideas and stories within
    the group
  • excellent ensemble skills – ability to listen, contribute and respect the ideas of those
    around you
  • a willingness to use physicality as equally as vocality to express ideas
  •  strong focus and conviction in your performance
  •  ability to respond to direction and alter your performance accordingly

Please wear clothing you can move easily in and bring a drink bottle. Feel free to contact if you have an queries about the auditions

When? Thursday 3 May

Where? C Block, Gorman Arts Centre 

Rehearsal Dates

Saturday 16 June- Creative Development 

Saturday 18 August- Creative Development

Saturday 22 September- Skill Development with visual artist

Tuesday 2 October- Friday 12 October (excluding weekends)- Rehearsal Intensive

Tuesday 16 October- Saturday 20 October- Production Week (evenings only) 

To register for Session One 4.30pm-5.30pm click here

To register for Session Two 5.30pm-630pm click here


About the work:

Faster  will explore the speed at which our lives begin moving as we move through
adolescence. It will investigate much of what happens to us biologically that is outside of our
control and the consequences of that. Extreme feelings of anger and loneliness, intense love
and happiness, along with greater independence in decision making that our brains may not
actually be equipped to do.
Faster will employ live painting within the performance to enhance the delivery of the
experience felt as the teenage brain releases hormones, trims synapses and grows its
frontal lobe. This work will be devised by the co-directors and cast of 13 – 18 year olds.