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i’m me Festival: EXISTENCE

Exposing our young artists to a wide array of theatrical possibilities is at the heart of this festival. I’M ME 2019 looks specifically at the concept of ‘existence’ – past, present and future. This is open to interpretation amongst the directors, who will lead 7-12 year old artists to devise and perform new works. The […]

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A theatre work that speaks to a fear that is becoming more realistic – the collapse of the human species. How far away from this are we? What might this look like? Biological warfare? Nuclear annihilation? Pandemic? Over-population? Ecological collapse? A meteorite?  How long will it take? Will we feel it? Will it be survival […]

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An analysis of the current world we live in and how we would run it if we could be in charge. What mistakes are we currently making? If we don’t change this path, what will our future be? And if we do? What are the possibilities?  A playwright will work with four emerging writers aged […]

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