Semester 1 Gorman Arts Centre Workshop Program 2018 enrolments are NOW OPEN!

Semester 1 Primary School Workshop Program 2018 enrolments are OPENING SOON!

Each ensemble provides a place where young and emerging artists can be creative and actively develop fundamental theatre making skills.

Through theatre games and performance technique training, our artists develop, extend and strengthen fundamental skills in improvisation, voice, movement, character development, storytelling and theatre making in a variety of styles and structures.

The first few weeks of the workshop are spent discovering the skills the artists already have, the ideas they are interested in exploring, what they hope to achieve through the workshop and establishing a safe and respectful environment to work in. Every semester is uniquely programmed to meet the needs and wants of the artists involved. We ensure that they have the opportunity to creatively express themselves, allowing them to be the voice in their work.

Throughout the program, each ensemble works collaboratively with their tutor to create a short performance that implements the skills learnt. At the end of the semester family and friends are invited to C Block Theatre at Gorman Arts Centre to watch these new theatre works.

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